Wholesale Business Opportunities

If you like what you see in our retail/online stores and share a similar passion for advocating a naturally healthy lifestyle, why not join us as an authorised reseller?

At Vitakids, we not only retail but also wholesale a large number of our products to a select network of resellers throughout Singapore.

If you operate a :

    • health/organic/naturals foods store
    • pharmacy/drugstore retailer
    • grocery store
    • café/eatery
    • childcare centre
    • school
    • healthcare practice or
    • you’re someone who feels that that you have an avenue or platform to spread this goodness,please do not hesitate to enquire to find out more on how you can be an authorized reseller of our products.

Please feel free to contact our highly-professional sales & marketing team for wholesale enquiries. Our friendly team will be more than happy to share their understanding of nutrition and natural health with you.

Drop us an email at wholesale@vitakids.biz now!